Our mission at the Hall Law Office is to keep seasonal businesses out of legal trouble by providing smart, conservative, and practical solutions to their workforce-related legal problems.

At Hall Law Office we...

Advise seasonal businesses about how to manage their workforces in ways that are reasonable practically and sound legally.

Defend large and small employers and filing agents. We stand up for you until we get the best result that the law and facts allow.

Educate through one-on-one training, industry seminars, and our employer advice line.


Training Seminars

Experience is a great teacher – the problem is that "experience" is the product of a mistake.  Wouldn't it be best to benefit from others' "experience" rather than just your own?

That’s where we come in.

We provide comprehensive in-house and seminar-based human resource/EEO/H-2A/H-2B training. The foundation for this is based on 24+ years of solving labor and employment problems, combined with a love of teaching.  The instruction is practical, hands-on, and as "in-the-weeds" as you want.    If you believe that a small investment of time in education will save you problems, we'd love to hear from you.