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It is a beautiful day. You go into work smiling, ready to work hard and enjoy the moment. You pull up. There is a white car That You Have not seen before. It does not matter - it is a beautiful day. You walk in. Then a stranger comes up and says " I'm from the government and I am here to help . " Not only That, the stranger is from the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the US Department of Labor . It is no longer a beautiful day.

You have the problem on your hands you need not ruin your day. How bad it will be depends on how well you've planned. If you've planned well, the day and the following weeks will be irritating, but WHD will be just another item on your schedule; if you've planned poorly, Could you find yourself out of business. They say that " A stitch in time saves nine . " This blog Is That stitch. AT LEAST twice-weekly, we will post a general interest tips for staying out of trouble and what to do if trouble finds you. Every so often, we will post items just for fun. Like you, the Hall Law Office is a small business. Wendel Hall, the attorney in charge, small and seasonal've Helped Their Businesses solve problems labor and employment law for 24+ years before deciding to give it a go on His Own. This blog will Reflect That practical expertise and help you on a generally level to spot issues and to solve them before the government comes to help.