H-2A and H-2B University: Video Presentation On "Avoiding WHD Gotchas"

1.  A stitch in time may save nine, but what if you don't know how to sew?  You would call a tailor or a seamstress.

2.  The Hall Law Office provides training through webinars, speeches, and workshops.  Wendel Hall is a good speaker, but more importantly, a good teacher.  

3.  A sample of his teaching is below.  It is from a presentation that he gave in 2014 for American Hort before opening his own doorsThank you to American Hort for letting us post the video.  


The Wage and Hour Division investigates in standard ways.  They are trained in the same techniques, have the same priorities, and approach investigations the same way.  This talk teaches employers what Wage and Hour's main "gotchas" are and how to be ready for them.

Here is the presentation.   Enjoy and good learning!