The Terrible Truth About Lawyers

The Terrible Truth About Lawyers


            Some of you may recognize this bookMark McCormack wrote it. When I read it fresh out of law school, I thought the guy was an idiot. When I read it after 25 years of practicing law, I changed my mind.  Now, I still disagree with some things.  I sometimes think his tone is overly harsh.  But there is some really good advice in this little book.


            This begins a series of blog posts inspired by McCormack’s book. The idea is that when clients know how lawyers work, both benefit. I hope to provide some of that knowledge.


            How to tell if you have a good lawyer


            Good lawyers are rare. Good lawyers combine practical knowledge of your business with knowledge of the law and how to leverage that knowledge to solve legal problems or to craft advantageous solutions to business problems. What does this mean? We will explore in more detail later on.  For now, let's focus on the main characteristic:


            A good lawyer generates reasonably practical business options and helps you evaluate them legally and lets you select. A bad lawyer tells you over and over again what you can’t do and leaves you just as helpless as before. In short, a good lawyer tells you what you can do, not what you can’t do


           Next week:    How to help a good lawyer become an excellent lawyer.