Protecting The Good Guys

Over the course of my career, I have represented hundreds of agricultural employers. All them were good guys. Most thought they didn't really need legal representation. They were the ones who needed it the most.

Good guys trust the government deep down. Good guys think that if they explain everything to the government, everything will come out all right in the end just because they are good guys. They know that's not the real world, but that's how good guys act.

And does the government and legal services try to take advantage of the good guys? Sure they do. Wage and Hour Division has a job to do - find violations. It is possible that WHD recognizes that some employers are good guys, but they see that as an easy mark. For legal services, there is no such thing as a good guy employer - just an abusive, slave-owning target. 

What motivates the Hall Law Office? There are easier and more certain ways to earn a living. It is this: the world has too few good guys. Good guys deserve to be protected from the government, from legal services, and from themselves when they are drawn into a system where their virtues are self-defeating. Good guys deserve someone who worries about details they don't and shouldn't have to think about. Good guys deserve someone with the skill and experience that can guide them through a system that often takes advantage of the good guys. It is this that motivates all the work and all the effort. So what does the Hall Law Office do? It protects the good guys.

This post was inspired by On The Bad Side Of The Curve. It is one of the best blog posts I have ever read. Read it.