07 26 2018 - H2A and H2B Daily News Alert - What You Need To Know

Daily News Alerts: July 26th, 2018


ICE Statistics on Workplace Arrests Show How Much They’ve Increased Under Trump


ICE is arresting people in their workplaces at drastically higher rates than ever before, with data from the agency showing numbers of arrests five times higher than the data from the previous fiscal year.


No Vote for AG Labor Bill Before Recess


This article provides information regarding the new H-2C visa bill. All employers and workers who are a part of the H-2A program pay close attention to the progress of this bill, which introduces a new, more technologically driven program (H-2C) that would replace H-2A.


Republicans Push Massive Foreign Worker Visa Expansion In DHS Spending Bill


Two new amendments related to the H-2A and H-2B Programs were adopted to the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill on Wednesday, July 25th. These amendments would allow all agricultural employers to benefit from the H-2A program, rather than just seasonal ones, and would increase the number of H-2B visas available per fiscal year. These changes would allow more employers to hire more desperately-needed workers, and should be closely monitored by all parties affected by the H-2 visa system.


ICE Targets 75 New Jersey Businesses With Audit Notices Over Hiring Practices


New Jersey is the latest state to undergo extreme ICE audits for I-9 compliance.. It is important for all employers to be up to date with I-9 compliance. 


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