H-2A and H-2B Daily News Alert - July 31, 2018


H-2A Usage in Washington State May Increase 60 Percent

According to growers in Washington state, available domestic labor is becoming scarcer. Many growers are turning to the H-2A Program to solve this dire problem. Indeed, estimates are that H-2A usage will increase as much as 60% in the near term.

NHLA and USCC Request Cap Increase for H-2B Program

Leaders in the landscaping community are calling for an increase in the number of H-2B visas available per season, claiming that labor shortages are a result of a lack of available foreign worker visas. Employers in the green industry should pay close attention to these demands as the time for the House of Representatives and the Senate to vote on changes to foreign worker visa programs comes closer.

Concerns About Farmworker Shortage Grow

This article further details the struggles that farmers are having to endure as a result of domestic labor shortages and a cumbersome process. Although many employers are forced to use unauthorized labor, this course is very risky.  An increase in ICE audits and penalty fines indicates that it is now vital to seek legal help to make sure you stay in compliance, for the sake of both your protection and that of your employees.

Tips To Help Overcome Farm Labor Shortages

This article notifies farmers to begin the proper procedure for H-2A program applications as soon as possible if need be. These programs also help farmers attempt to reach out to the local community for available workers before certifying any need for foreign aid. To go further into the details of the legal process for foreign worker visa programs, please feel free to contact our office at (202) 661-2173 or via email at wendel@halllawoffice.net.