Daily H-2A and H-2B News Alert + August 2, 2018

Texas Shrimp Producers Facing Another Worker Shortage


Yet another industry has taken a direct hit this season as a result of the  cap placed on H-2B visas. Even though Congress increased the number of foreign worker visas available this past season, the USCIS’ lottery visa system has resulted in several industries being affected at local and regional levels. Industry-wide, shrimp producers could be losing as much as millions of dollars a day due to a lack of crews and laborers willing to work. To be sure to stay up to date with H-2B visa regulations or changes, visit the USCIS website, or feel free to contact our attorneys at (202)-661-2173.


Santa Maria Valley City Officials Work To Provide Housing For Migrant Farm Workers

In Santa Maria Valley, CA, city officials passed an ordinance which banned the housing of more than six H-2A workers in single-family homes, and are now working with the community of local farmers to build adequate temporary housing for these workers. This outreach has benefitted both farmers, who rely on migrant workers every summer, and the workers themselves, who under H-2A regulations must be provided with safe housing and transportation to and from work sites. To find out more about specific requirements of H-2A visas, visit the Department of Labor website or contact our office at (202)-661-2173.

Farm Workers Continue To Be In Short Supply as Local Farmers Struggle

Farmers in Washington and California are desperate to find labor workers as the summer season reaches its peak. For industries such as dairy, farmers have been struggling year long to make labor supply meet their demand. While both the House of Representatives and Congress continue to debate how to resolve the issue of labor shortages, be sure to keep up to date with the Hall Law Office Daily News Alerts, and with all H-2A visa application deadlines.