Here you will find many commonly used and important government forms.

H-2A and H-2B

Used in the H-2A and H-2B Programs, employers and agents use this form to apply for certification from DOL.

ETA Form 9142
Appendix A
Instructions (H-2A)
9142B (H-2B)
Appendix B
Instructions (H-2B)

This form provides information to USCIS to grant H-2A or H-2B visas.

USCIS Form I-129

Here are two handy checklists for making sure your Petition has what it needs.

H-2A Filing Checklist
H-2B Filing Checklist


This is a standard form that provides all of worker disclosure information needed to comply with MSPA.

SPA Disclosure (E)
MSPA Disclosure (S)

The Law: All the major regulations in one place.

2010 DOL H-2A Regulations
2015 DOL/DHS H-2B Program Rule
2015 DOL/DHS Wage Rule
2008 DOL H-2B Final Rule
2008 DHS H-2B Final Rule

What Wages Do I Have To Pay My H-2A Or H-2B Workers?

AEWRs (H-2A wages)  
AOWL -  (H-2A prevailing wages)
FLC Data Center (H-2B Prevailing Wages) 

O*Net Online - (H-2B standard job descriptions)

How Long Until DOL Certifies My Application?


What Is DOL Saying?
Office of Foreign Labor Certification (the office that runs the H-2A and H-2B Programs)

OFLC Main Page
OFLC H-2A Page
OFLC H-2B Page