Background Material For DOL’s 2018 Form Revision - Here are the materials referenced in the my recent Linked In and Blog post on DOL’s 2018 Form Revision

Agricultural Affiliates 2016 Employers' Conference Presentation - This is a short powerpoint presentation providing general tips for "Getting Ready For Wage and Hour Investigations."  The Hall Law Office mantra is "a stitch in time save nine."  This is what you do after an independent audit of your wage and hour compliance.  Make sure you're ready, follow these tips, and it'll be a breeze.

The Law: All the major regulations in one place.

2010 DOL H-2A Regulations
2015 DOL/DHS H-2B Program Rule
2015 DOL/DHS Wage Rule
2008 DOL H-2B Final Rule
2008 DHS H-2B Final Rule

What Wages Do I Have To Pay My H-2A Or H-2B Workers?

AEWRs (H-2A wages)  
AOWL -  (H-2A prevailing wages)
FLC Data Center (H-2B Prevailing Wages) 
O*Net Online - (H-2B standard job descriptions)

How Long Until DOL Certifies My Application?


What Is DOL Saying?
Office of Foreign Labor Certification (the office that runs the H-2A and H-2B Programs)

OFLC Main Page
OFLC H-2A Page
OFLC H-2B Page