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How The Hall Law Office Saved T&S Cattle Just In The Nick Of Time

Tricia and Steve Scholz have been in the cattle business for 15 years. As the owners and operators of T&S Cattle in North Platte, Nebraska, they know the industry well .They’ve relied on H-2A employees for the last several years for the peak season of calving. But this year they encountered a nightmare obstacle they hadn’t expected. After applying as usual for their labor certification, the Department of Labor denied them at the last minute. Horrified and stressed, and faced with the devastating possibility of hundreds of thousands in losses, Tricia and Steve decided to appeal their denial and turned to Hall Law Office for immediate help.

“My first impression of Wendel was that you can tell he has a lotof experience. His ability to read people is amazing. When he spoke, I just knew that if I listened to him, everything was going to be fine.”

As it turned out, Tricia was right to follow her gut and trust Wendel. He worked with the Scholzes to prepare a case, negotiate a settlement, and got them ready to go before the judge. But the DOL made them an offer they couldn’t refuse, settling one hour before they were set to go to trial. Relieved that they wouldn’t be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars or having to liquidate their herd, Tricia and Steve were incredibly grateful.

Although it wasn’t an easy process, Wendel and his team worked tirelessly to bring swift resolution to T&S’s case so that they could keep their business on schedule with minimal loss. “Wendel went on a family vacation and every single day he was working on my case.” Tricia says he gave them the tools to succeed and set them at ease by gathering the facts, preparing their testimonies, and identifying possible compromises and negotiating positions.

The preparation for trial was extensive and educational. Tricia says that it was an enormous learning experience. “I’ve learned more in the past month than in the entire time I’ve been in business.” Tricia says she and Steve are ready to handle future audits, applications, and possible denials because of the help of Hall Law Office.

“I would advise anyone to hire Wendel and Hall Law Office. When you’re dealing with the Department of Labor, you really need the  best of the best. To be honest, it wouldn’t matter to me what his services cost. Wendel is experienced, knowledgeable, and his ability to read people is uncanny.”

T&S Cattle was able to hire the help they needed in time for peak calving season. 45 new employees are on the way there now. Tricia says that’s nearly half of their workforce. Without these seasonal hires, business like T&S Cattle can’t survive. It’s particularly alarming when late-notice denials come from DOL and time is of the essence. Hiring an experienced lawyer who knows the Department of Labor well and who will work tirelessly to win a case can make all the difference when going up against DOL.

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