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Surviving A Wage and Hour Audit: What To Do To Protect Your Business - A Free Hall Law Office Webinar

The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has undertaken a massive effort to investigate H-2B and other employers in two main industries: landscaping and hospitality. Are you ready?

In this informative, free webinar presented by one of the top H-2B and Wage and Hour lawyers in the country, you will learn:

+  What Your Rights Are
+  How to Assert Your Rights Without Getting Into Hot Water
+  What Procedure Wage and Hour Follows
+  What Wage and Hour Can Ask and What It CAN'T Ask For
+  What to do if Wage and Hour Alleges Violations (yes, you CAN fight City Hall if you know what you’re doing)
+  Other Tips About How To Get Ready For And Then Ace The Audit
+ Never Worry Again About Wage And Hour

Participation is limited; register early