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Creating the Path to Work and Thrive, Together

At Hall Law Office, we are experts at providing a wide-range of solutions for seasonal businesses and employees. From beginning to end, we’re there for those who need advice in navigating complex workforce-related legal problems. We apply our years of experience on complex immigration issues to facilitate cross-border businesses and their growth.



Trusted Experts in Labor and Employment/
Immigration Law since 1993

Our mission is to serve as the main source of guidance to seasonal businesses and employees by collaborating with our clients and federal agencies to work within existing labor laws to facilitate the mobility and legal employment of US and foreign workers in the United States and to keep businesses thriving.


Our Services

Labor and employment/immigration law can be complicated, particularly when bringing on foreign nationals to help. We’ll advise you every step of the way so that you can hire the top talent - both US and foreign - your company needs to grow. With our guidance, your business can focus on the work at hand while we focus on regulatory compliance.

What makes the difference between a lawyer who knows the books and a lawyer who knows the business? Most lawyers can memorize the rules, but the best lawyers know the business and know the practical options for getting the job done within the bounds of the law. Because of our experience in the industries we serve, we at the Hall Law Office can help devise practical solutions focusing on what you “can do” to do serve your customers and to stay on the right side of the law.

H-2A and H-2B

We are experts in H-2A and H-2B visa application and regulation. We offer business, compliance, and application support services including help with agent-customer agreements, agent-facilitator agreements, employer-facilitator agreements (DOL regulatory compliance), help with avoiding unauthorized practice of law, application strategy for major issues, client consultations and free webinars and staff education.

Cross-Border Services

We provide a suite of legal services for Mexican businesses entering the United States market for the first time as well as U.S.-based businesses entering Mexico. We employ a team of top U.S.-based Mexican attorneys with U.S. business experience. Cross-border services include help with international hiring and recruitment, human resources practices, PEO services, protecting key staff through effective immigration strategies, guidance to which visa options are most suited to the needs of your business, and dealing with U.S. court systems when necessary.

Agricultural Employees

We specialize in helping workers find a path to work legally and guide them through the hiring process to ensure a smooth transition that meets with compliance and immigration regulation and allows each worker to thrive. Services to agricultural employees include visa and eligibility guidance, help with occupational and cultural integration, wage and hour dispute services, and employment discrimination cases.

Green Industry

Green industry jobs are one of the leading sources of income for foreign legal workers in the United States. We help employers and employees in the green industry to establish correct business practices from the start to minimize risk of future legal problems. This includes compliance-related issues, defensive strategies, help with recruitment and hiring, and identifying appropriate work visas for employees. We also provide defense and counsel for disputes, should they arise.

Agricultural Employers

We guide businesses to structure their workforce for maximum advantage and help them to minimize the risks of legal problems. Our services include compliance-based counsel throughout the process of recruitment and onboarding, as well as preventive and defensive strategies in operation (post-recruiting). We’ll walk you through every need-to-know detail regarding visas, work eligibility, and compliance, preventing any problems from arising to allow your business to thrive.


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